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"Geez Storm, you got yourself a little beat up again didn't ya?"

"Ray" He replied with a grin.

"Heh, you're lucky I know how to fix you up." I smiled back at my Luxray and continued bandaging his paw. "I know you want to fight but please don't just go off and- I was interrupted when the Pokemon center nurse came up to me.

"How's he doing? Will you need any help?" she asked me.

"Nah we're good, but hey do you have a room we could stay in tonight? I'd like to rest up my team before we head to Mistralon City."

"Oh yes we do have one more room available tonight." She smiled at me. "Though I hope you don't mind sharing with a stranger. Each room has four bunks in it, and we've been getting a lot of trainers come through here lately."

"Meh." I said. It wouldn't be the first time.

"Thanks." She replied with a shy smile. "Several people don't like to have to share a room for a night so we end up having to turn people away some times." She then gave a slightly embarrassed giggle and went back to the front desk to help another trainer.

I looked at Storm and smiled, "Looks like you may get to sleep with me tonight"

Storm looked at me with an exited look. He much prefers sleeping on a mattress instead of his Poke ball.

I entered the room that the nurse said was open, and sure enough there were four red bunks both on opposite sides of the room. I sat down one the one on the right and let my team out of their poke balls, Shane my Surperior, Pharah my Sigilyph, Zara my Zebstrika, and Guardna my Chandelure. Storm then went and sat beside Shane, as they're the only two males in my team that could come out of their poke balls on land. I giggled and set out everyone's dinner. I then went outside and let Blue Eye, my Basculin, out of his Poke ball into a large puddle outside the pokemon center so that he could eat.

I'd finished brushing my teeth in the bathroom and was heading back to my room to crash for the night, when someone came into the pokemon center and started talking to the nurse.

"Hey miss? Are there any rooms still open tonight?" He asked. The nurse then pointed to the room I was staying in and told him that he would be sharing if he wanted to stay. "Yeah that's fine I guess." He said and wandered off into the room.

Okay... I thought as I stood there holding my tooth brush. I get to share a room with a strange guy. Great……
I was about to walk into the room to greet my temporary room mate when he came bursting out of the room closely followed by Storm, and crashed into me, knocking us both over.

"Ahh! I'm sorry!" he said, looking a bit panicked.

"Oww…." I replied as I pushed him off. I then looked at Storm who looked like he didn't know what to do. I got up and walked into the room and sat on my bunk. "I take it you're my roommate for the night."

He looked at me with an expression of almost horror. "Did you train your Luxray to attack people?"

"No." I replied. "He learned that on his own. He also learned to protect my stuff when I'm not around it. It's almost like his sense of duty."

"Damn." He replied. "I wish my Pokemon did that." He then got up and put his stuff on the other bunk. "M'names Matt."

"Kris." I replied.

"Cool. Where're you headed?" he asked.

"Mistralon City, and the Celestial Tower." I replied "I'm visiting family and I'm visiting my one of my old pokemons grave. See I was just in the Sinnoh region for a few years and I got back about a week ago."

"Ah." He said. "Well at least you're almost there. The only thing that's now standing in your way is Charge Stone Cave. And with that feisty electric type you've got there, it shouldn't be hard at all." "Though I heard some stuff has been going on in that city lately, suspicious stuff. I don't know anything about it but I was told by a friend that some pokemon were acting up lately…. I dunno something about ghosts. Anyway g-night."

"Good night." I replied. He probably means the ghost pokemon are acting up in the tower again. Oh well. I shrugged it off and crawled into my sleeping bag. I knew that if we wanted to get anywhere tomorrow, we'd have to be fully rested to get through the cave.

The next day we were ready to go, I'd restocked my first aid kit and food supply and we were about to head to Charge Stone cave when Matt came up to us again to wish us good luck on our trip. Getting through it was a breeze because the electric charges in the cave made it well lit. But note to self: Don't let storm use charge in the cave. He gets drunk with electricity….  The only thing that truly troubled me was, halfway through the cave someone had spray painted TURN BACK NOW on several big rocks and then again at the exit, but for the most part I disregarded it.

Before we exited the cave, Guardna's poke ball started to shake violently until I let her out. She looked scared. Like there was danger ahead. Slightly confused I pulled out my Xtransceiver and called ahead to my Moms house. No one picked up the other end.

Now I was concerned. I told Guardna that we had to keep going, but she kept blocking my path. We then argued for several minuets until she let me pass but refused to go into her poke ball. After exiting the cave, it was about a five minuet walk to Mistralon City. I wanted to get there a bit faster since I felt something was wrong. I called out Zara, my Zebstrika and we rode to the city. When we arrived I suddenly got this overwhelming sense of doom. Something was defiantly wrong. None of the houses had their lights on. The runways were dark and one of the pokemon centers windows was scattered.

I then heard Storm growl, so I turned my head to see what he was growling at. There in one of the windows of my family's home, was a small purple light.

"Chandell?" Guardna chimed.

The purple light moved closer to the window until I could see the outline of a Litwick. It looked like my little sisters pokemon.

"Lit!" It squeaked back. "Litwi-" it was cut off as it vanished.

"Chandell!" Guardna gave a shocked cry. She then turned around and tried to push me back in the direction of Charge stone cave. "Chandell Chandell!" she cried again.
I got out of Guardnas grip and went to my moms house. The door was unlocked strangely enough. I opened it cautiously and stepped inside.
It was dark, and furniture had been moved. Almost like there was a fight. I suddenly felt sick and tried to leave the house.

The last thing I remember before I blacked out was running into a Gastly and inhaling gas. I then felt my head hit the ground and the surreal sounds of my pokemon coming out of their poke balls. My vision faded but I could hear them fighting. I heard them get hurt and I could hear the wild pokemon swarming us. We were greatly out numbered. I heard a Lampent near me get knocked away by Storm. They were protecting me, but I couldn't protect them.

When I woke up everything was dark. I could only see myself. I looked around for something, anything that could tell me where I was.


I felt cold. But I could feel heat all around me, It was hot but I didn't feel threatened by it. Then I saw a light. I tried calling out to it but I had no voice, instead blood came from my mouth. I tried to scream, but I made no sound.


I heard it. I heard a Chandelure. But it sounded weak and hurt.


Its cry sounded so surreal. I closed my eyes and focused. Slowly I started hearing other noises.

I heard a Gastly, then Shane. I heard something hit grass beside me, then Storms low growl.

Then everything went dark again.

I was awoken but a soft repetitive beeping. I tried to open my eyes but I was blinded by white. Then I remembered what had just happened. I bolted upright only to fall back again in pain. I fell back onto a mattress. I tried opening my eyes again, and as they adjusted to the light, I saw that I was in what seemed to de a hospital room. My left arm was numb and there were bloody bandages on my right arm and torso.

But where were my pokemon?


"Guardna?" I asked as she swooped in front of my face chiming. Her limbs were bandaged and she was chipped in many places and was missing a torch, but she was able to move around. "Where're the others?" I asked.

Guardna then became quiet and floated to the end of my bed. Only later did I find out that Zara, Phara, and Blue eye were killed in the fight and Shane and Storm were still in critical condition at a pokemon center. Guardna was the only one able to come see me.

I cried for hours knowing that I couldn't have helped my team, my friends in one of the biggest fights of their life. If I'd listened to Guardna, they wouldn't be dead or in pain.

A nurse then came in and asked me questions about what happened and what I remembered. I felt sick explaining the details. She then left and a pokemon center nurse came in.

"I'm sorry" she said "I did all I could. But I couldn't save them." She then turned around and left me to cry with my pokemon, my only friend that survived the battle.

I left the hospital the next day, despite what the doctor said. I had to see my friends. They died without me, and I didn't get to say goodbye. They died protecting me.

I walked to the Celestial tower, the place where they were to be laid to rest. I wanted to ring the tower bell for them. I wanted them to know that I'll never forget them.

After being assisted by a psychic doing readings in the tower, I reached the roof where the bell was supposed to be. I then realized why the ghost pokemon were so hostile lately. The bell at the top of the tower was broken. It had fallen off its hinges and was on its side, unable to be rung.

A Litwick stood beside it looking very sad.

The psychic called on their Lucario and Alakazam to repair it, and then left.

When I rang the bell I could hear its sound reverberate through the area. It was such a powerful sound and such a sound should never be silenced like that again.

Since then I've rung the bell every Friday for my Pokemon. And I will ring it until I to, rest with them.

Victims of the restless Celestial tower ghosts.
May your soul also find peace in the afterlife.
Full picture of art [link]

This started out as an attempt at Pokemon Creepy pasta, But I'm not sure if it'd count XD cuz it just ended up being sad.

Based off my real Pokemon team for Pokemon White, exept I swapped out my Audino for my Luxray (He's from my pokemon diamond team).
Cuz I love my Luxray more. XD

To be honest I cried when I wrote this. MY POKEMONS DIED! DX Exept my Chandelure Guardna, cuz I don't think you can kill a ghost ;P

no my pokemon haven't died in real life. They are perfectly fine.

Anyway, Feedback anyone? :iconluxraylaplz:

I dont own pokemon
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xisaiahxfabx Featured By Owner May 22, 2011
Pretty nice story. Very sad, but really good. :)
Kurse10 Featured By Owner May 22, 2011  Student General Artist
thank you :)
MikomiKisomi Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I cried at this. TT.TT

~MP, MK, HSF1, and Liz
Vortex-Twins Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
Sad!!!!!!!!! TT_TT Poor pokepeoples.....And actually you can kill a ghost, it's just very, very, very hard. My entire Diamond tem is ghosts, and I lovethem to bits!!!!!!

TikiTiel Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011
Kurse10 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011  Student General Artist
thanks ^^
She-who-thrist Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011
very good story. But I would had used my epic metagross
Kurse10 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2011  Student General Artist
Why thank you :bow:
Lol I dun have a metagross XD
She-who-thrist Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
same here, his name is George
Kurse10 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011  Student General Artist
awsome XD
but the problem is, os that he probobly wouldn't be able to stand up to swarms of litwick/Lampents. they're fire types
She-who-thrist Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
true, but that is the reason I taught him Rockslide, and Singal Beam, Just in case of dark, and other psychic types.
Kurse10 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011  Student General Artist
XD good idea
She-who-thrist Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
and can still stomp your Luxray anyday"
Kurse10 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011  Student General Artist
probobly XD What level is your metagross?
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